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Beyond What We Were Hoping For

It’s not every day that you meet someone who can articulate your brand’s message more powerfully than you can. The way Jared took our vision, mission, and philosophy and created an engaging story through video is amazing. I was blown away by not only his tireless work ethic, but his skill, attention to detail, and the pride he demonstrated in his artistic ability to create a perfect final product—beyond what we were hoping for. Jared simply made our brand so much better!

Visually, Intellectually, and Emotionally Powerful Videos

Jared excels at streamlining complex content to create videos that are visually, intellectually, and emotionally powerful. As a newcomer to video, I was struck by how much value Jared’s work added to my colleagues’ human rights reporting. Jared maintains his vision and his great good humor always, which was much appreciated in a high-pressure environment.

Better Than We Had Even Imagined

Jared was excellent to work with. We got together, told him what we had in mind for the site, and he came back with something better than we had even imagined. I will absolutely go through Jared for all of my web needs in the future, and recommend him highly to anyone in need of designer with the technical and creative experience to produce the best product possible.

Dedication, Persistance, and Teamwork

Jared is highly creative and collegial, and demonstrates dedication, persistence, and teamwork combined with a keen sense of humor. He is a valued member of a communications team that has tripled our media coverage; doubled traffic to our main site, and boosted online giving by 52%. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

An Incredibly Creative and Thoughtful Video Producer

Jared is an incredibly creative and thoughtful video producer. He has made some beautiful clips since coming to PHR that innovatively depict the issues of importance to the organization. Examples: La Fleuve de Mal and A Season of Hope. As his colleague at PHR, I am grateful that Jared chose to come to work with us. His presence is a great enhancement to our outreach.