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The Principle of Medical Neutrality

Principle of Medical Neutrality

This Physicians for Human Rights video provides a brief introduction to the principle of Medical Neutrality, its foundation in medical ethics and international law, violations of Medical Neutrality, and steps that can be taken to protect and promote the principle. I produced, directed, edited, and narrated this video, which I also co-wrote with Andrea Gittleman.

Go to the People (book trailer)


Trailer for the book “Go to the People” (by John Donnelly, photographs by Dominic Chavez), produced for Management Sciences for Health. I created this using photos and text from the book, and provided the narration for the beginning.

War Crimes and the White House

War Crimes 1

I produced this video as part of a Physicians for Human Rights campaign advocating for a Department of Justice investigation. I wrote, directed, edited, and narrated the video, which was featured on Daily Kos and many other notable media outlets. Over seven minutes of the video were aired during the July 21, 2009 episode of GRITtv with Laura Flanders.

La Fleuve du Mal

La Fleuve du Mal

After witnessing the devastation caused by the willful neglect of Zimbabwe’s people by the Government of Robert Mugabe, PHR detailed the causes and effects of the crisis in their report, “Health in Ruins: PHR Reports on the Man-Made Health Crisis in Zimbabwe”. Commenting on this report, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said “The world must take action against the Mugabe regime for these crimes against humanity”.

A Season of Hope

Season of Hope

On December 8, 2008, Physicians for Human Rights honored Senator Edward M. Kennedy with an award for his lifetime of work on the Right to Health. I produced this video, which I also narrated, for that event. The video was featured on the front page of Daily Kos.