Jared Voss & VossCo MultiMedia

Photo of Jared VossAs the principal creative consultant at VossCo MultiMedia, I develop, design, and produce videos, websites, and engaging content for online, print, and broadcast use. Based in Boston, I work solo or as part of a team (yours or mine). In any medium, I consider my job to be storytelling, and I work closely with you to identify your story and convey it to your audience.

Since 2002, I’ve partnered with large nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and independent artists. Working with these clients—often short on time and funding—I’ve found that a project’s value need not be diminished by limited resources. A lack of resources presents unique challenges, but, often, that same lack of resources inspires creative solutions that otherwise might never have been conceived of. All organizations—big or small, corporate or individual—can benefit from creative, thorough, strategic messaging. Everyone has a story to tell, and I help you tell your story.

Learn more about my services, approach, and clients, and check out some of my past projects. Have questions, or want to discuss your project? Contact me now.

Jared Voss on location